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The Dead Series

By Katie Gray

Book One – Dead on Arrival
An enjoyable cosy crime novel. This is the first book in The Dead Series.

Pippsy and Jack Standage are private investigators who visit a luxurious Cotswold hotel for a restful break.

Alas it proves to be anything but restful.

Within a couple of days a car with a dead man in the driving seat arrives at the hotel’s front door. Despite some initial reluctance on Jack’s part, the pair become embroiled in a series of occurrences, which include finding a suitcase full of money in the boot of the dead man’s car and a bag of diamonds lying in the bushes.

The investigating police inspector is perhaps not all he seems, and a number of the other guests look suspicious.

There is an attempt on their lives, and some very nasty people kidnap them more than once! Somehow or other they always manage to extricate themselves, but can they find the criminal brain behind it all?

Book Two – Dead on Time
This is the second crime novel in ‘The Dead Series‘. A follow on from her book; ‘Dead on Arrival’.

Pippsy and Jack Standage are asked to find the missing wife of a rather unpleasant man. He purports to be a businessman but they begin to think the business he’s in is “funny business”.

They visit several large luxurious houses searching for clues, but when Pippsy finds a woman’s body in one of them, then has an attempt made on her life, the police suggest that the pair should disappear for a while.

Unfortunately their “safe house” proves to be not so safe after all.

Once again Pippsy and Jack are in the middle of a dangerous game.

Book Three – Dead Against It
Dead Against It is the third book in Katie Gray’s ‘Dead Series‘.

Pippsy and Jack Standage move home and business to an immaculate house in Buckinghamshire. They are dismayed when shortly after their arrival two ‘heavies’ appear on their doorstep. The men demand access to the loft and remove trunks and boxes apparently belonging to the previous owner.

This is only the beginning as the men return to clear more boxes two days later.

A brother and sister engage them to investigate their mother’s new husband, who they suspect is planning to kill her.

The mysterious removals from the loft and the suspicions of the brother and sister become linked up. The discovery of two skeletons and nefarious goings on at a run–down Priory all provide Pippsy and Jack with their strangest case yet.

Book Four – Dead Silence
This is the fourth book in The Dead Series.

Pippsy and Jack get involved in trouble again in spite of themselves. While on a visit to Pippsy’s mother the pair are asked to investigate some mysterious occurrences happening to the neighbours.

As usual, all is not as it first appears and before they know it Pippsy and Jack are in it up to their necks.

But who did what to whom, and why?

Book Five – Dead Scared

Pippsy and Jack fall into a convoluted crime once again.

A seemingly straightforward case soon becomes anything but.
A wife who claims her husband has been kidnapped – or has he? And is she as naive as she appears?
Why is the husband making threatening noises at the pair?
Who are the couple who claim to be investigators, if in fact they are?

Pippsy and Jack have to team up with an acquaintance from a previous case. As usual, they need to use their wits more than once to keep ahead of the persons wishing them ill.

This is the fifth book in Katie Gray’s ‘Dead Series’.

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