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Featuring Sue Wybrow
Editor of Little Book of Amazing Business Stories and author of 101 Marketing Tips for Dance Teachers Popdance Sue Wybrow was born in North London and knew nothing about dance except a couple of disco dancing classes she went to as a child. Her career spanned from banking, market research, advertising – working with agencies […]

Do you like to know about the author whose book you are reading – or thinking of reading?

In a survey of readers we discovered that the vast majority say “Yes!” to that question. In particular, they want to know more about what’s behind what the author has written and what else they have written. So, we have built a gallery of all our authors and prospective authors. We’ve also included links to other places you can find out more – rather than just replicating content already available.


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Adam Shaw
Adam Shaw is known as “The Heart Guy” because he is a speaker, [...]
Alex Redaelli Kenaton
Alex Redaelli Kenaton is an author with a Diploma in Theosophy from the [...]
Amanda M Arnold
Amanda grew up in North London and after leaving school and college she spent [...]
Ann Farrant
Ann Farrant was educated at Norwich High School and trained as a journalist [...]
Annie Kaszina
Teacher, writer and coach Annie Kaszina is passionate about creating food that [...]
Annie Page
Annie Page is a coach and trainer who works with passion, energy and flexibility [...]
Betina Andersen
Betina Andersen is a young entrepreneur. While studying midwifery at the [...]
Bob Little
Bob (aka Robert) Little has pursued a number of parallel careers. Bob is best [...]
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