The Endless Bookcase
Sharing Experiences and Expertise
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Adam  Shaw
Adam Shaw is known as “The Heart Guy” because he is a speaker, author and specialist who addresses the serious [...]
Alex Redaelli  Kenaton
Alex Kenaton has a fervid imagination. After spending part of his life in the field of interior architecture, he returned to [...]
Ali  Hindi
Ali Hindi was born in Eritrea, but his family left almost immediately. He lived in Saudi Arabia until 1989 when he came to the [...]
Amanda M  Arnold
Amanda has had a varied career path that includes Fashion, Commerce and running her own Beauty and Slimming business. She [...]
Amanda  Woolley
Amanda Woolley worked in London for over three decades in adult education. At Kensington and Chelsea College in 1993, she met [...]
Amanuel  Yemane
Amanuel Yemane was born and brought up in Eritrea. He was a freedom fighter for the independence of Eritrea, and came to the UK in [...]
Ann  Farrant
Ann Farrant was educated at Norwich High School and trained as a journalist with the Norfolk News Company (now Archant). She is the [...]
Anneli  Densham
Anneli was born, grew up, and completed her education in Finland. During her school years she pursued numerous hobbies including [...]
Annie  Kaszina
Teacher, writer and coach Annie Kaszina is passionate about creating food that coaxes maximum flavour out of every ingredient. Food [...]
Annie  Page
Annie Page is a coach and trainer who works with passion, energy and flexibility to “develop the potential within”. A [...]
Aria  Nikjooy
My name is Aria Nikjooy and I have a rather shorter list of accolades than the other authors described here! I am a Paediatric Trainee [...]
Bindy  Hall
Bindy Hall B.Sc is a graduate in the fields of psychology and counselling. An avid writer since a very young age- she began her writing [...]
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