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inkBOOK Prime


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6-inch ebook reader with e-Paper E Ink Carta™ Flat Glass Solution touchscreen with Rapid Refresh™ technology, Built-in Light, Open ANDROID™, App Store, and Readability Enhancements.

  • 6-inch e-Paper E Ink Carta™ Flat Glass Solution high-resolution touchscreen
  • Rapid Refresh™ – new display technology provides excellent text quality, and instant page turns
  • Eye-friendly built-in light (8 LED lights)
  • Access & discover millions of ebooks, articles, web pages and more via ANDROID applications
  • A single battery charge lasts weeks
  • No eye strain on long reading sessions
  • Comfortable navigation with touch gestures or physical page-turn inkBUTTONS™ with all-new mechanism
  • Readability Enhancements—the touchscreen on/off switch, OpenDyslexic font for dyslectics, and high contrast mode for low vision users
  • Connect wireless accessories like speakers or headphones over Bluetooth®


The inkBOOK Yoga Cover:
is only £11.95 when purchased with an inkBOOK device. When purchased separately the normal price is £16.50.


Truly open

Unlike other ebook readers, inkBOOK is not locked to only one retailer. It lets you install third-party applications (1) so you can access as many bookstores as you like.

Rapid Refresh ™

Rapid Refresh™ technology efficiently improves the work of millions of tiny microcapsules inside the e-paper screen to deliver the best text and image quality.

Innovative Physical Buttons’ mechanism

The page turn buttons are essential to deliver the best reading experience. The all-new inkBUTTONS™ mechanism makes buttons more consistent in how they respond to your touch making reading more comfortable.

No more accidental page turns

You can turn off the display’s touch feature while reading to eliminate accidental page turns.

Efficient battery

Powered by 30% bigger battery than other popular e-readers on the market inkBOOK provides longer battery life on a single charge.

Reading without barriers

The OpenDyslexic font was created to help with some of the symptoms of dyslexia. Wider letter spacing and consistently weighted bottoms aid in recognizing correct letters, and understanding texts.

High Contrast mode

High contrast mode displays text as a negative — white font and black background, to increase contrast, and make reading easier for low vision users.

Tailored to you

No matter if you are left or right-handed — now you can read far more comfortably with customizable buttons. Simply adjust their functions to fit your reading habits.

Quick start

Readers who have not yet experienced an e-reader will be surprised by how easy it is to read on. With the help of step-by-step guides, inkBOOK Prime is really simple to use by readers at any age.

Designed for reading

inkBOOK Prime is only 9 mm thick and is one of the lightest e-readers on market. It is perfectly balanced for one-handed reading.

Enhanced performance

New generation quad-core processor makes inkBOOK Prime to operate faster, more efficiently, and smoothly. Opening apps or books takes less time improving your reading experience.

Smart Hall sensor

With the smart Hall sensor inside the dedicated cover 2 automatically puts your inkBOOK Prime to sleep when it is closed and wakes it upon opening, making it easy to jump back into your books.

Read & listen

Install your favorite audio player 1 , connect headphones or speakers wirelessly to enjoy reading with the background music.


inkBOOK is available in many languages e.g English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Polish, Romanian, Czech, and more.



Unlike smartphone and tablets, the inkBOOK Prime is equipped with an e-paper E Ink Carta™ display that was designed specifically for enjoyable reading. Electronic ink is made up of millions of tiny microcapsules. hen an electric field is applied black or white capsules rearrange to form the text and graphics.


In an e-paper display, no backlight is used. This attribute mimics traditional ink and paper. As a result, it does not cause eyestrain even on long reading sessions.

Weeks without charging

One of the biggest advantages of an e-paper display is its low-power consumption. Once charged battery lasts weeks, not hours. (2)

Superior clarity

With the E Ink Carta™ screen, the displayed content is crisp and easy to read ― even in direct sunlight. Clear text and rapid page-turns help you read faster with less eyestrain.

Read comfortably at night

Rather than using backlighting like that of LCD screens, the inkBOOK Prime uses eight LED lights set into the bezel at the top of the display to shine down onto the screen, protecting your eyes at the same time. Set the brightness level you like the most, or turn the light off.


Flat Glass Solution™

Touch-sensitive high-resolution Flat Glass Solution™ screen mimics traditional ink and paper. Combined with inkBOOK’s unique and ergonomic design make it comfortable to use, hold and store in a pocket.

User-friendly interface

The home screen was designed to be easy to use. Access recent books and apps faster with just one tap.

Comfortable navigation

Tap, hold or swipe. With familiar multi-touch gestures, you use inkBOOK like you use a smartphone or a tablet ― easily.

Start where you left off

You will never need to bookmark your last place in the book, because inkBOOK Prime remembers for you and always opens to the last page you read.

Read as you like

Select your favorite, change its size, adjust margins, and even rotate the screen to create your perfect page.

Highlights, bookmarks, annotations

By using the on-screen keyboard, you can add annotations to text, just like in the margins of a book. Highlight and bookmark pages to mark important information and sections.

Check translations & definitions

If you ever come across a word you don't know just use the built-in dictionary. inkBOOK lets you instantly look up the definition or translation without ever leaving the book. (4)

Comfortable reading of complex PDF documents

Use PDF reflow feature to extract pure text from a PDF page and to comfortably read it in a single column, without left/right scrolling and with the font size of your choice.

Pan and zoom

Tap twice to zoom into any area of a PDF and pan around to more easily view small print and detailed tables and graphics. (4)

Simple to use

inkBOOK’s interface has been designed with simplicity in mind. Access recently added and read books faster from the main screen and continue reading right away. inkBOOK provides commonly used options like jump-to-page, adjusting the font type and size.


Install apps

As one of few ebook readers in the world, inkBOOK Prime lets you install third-party apps which can significantly expand its functionality. (1)

Multiple file format support

The device supports an international e-book EPUB standard with Adobe DRM protection system, and many other popular file formats.

Gigabytes of space

Keep thousands of books with you. inkBOOK has 8 gigabytes of internal storage that can be expanded by a 32-gigabyte memory card.

Millions of e-books at the palm of your hand

Choose from millions of books, magazines including new releases, bestsellers, textbooks and free classics. Install your favorite ebook store app and enjoy the truly mobile library. (1)

Read your favorite news

With the Midiapolis News Reader app, you can read a wide selection of news sites and detailed summaries from the publishers from all over the world. Sports, business, entertainment and more. Now the best content in one place.

Tap, Download, Read

Midiapolis Drive gives you 2 gigabytes of free storage, so you can keep your ebooks, documents, magazines ― anything ― with you.

Browse the Internet

With the built-in web browser and Wi-Fi, you can comfortably browse the web.

Over-the-air updates

Get the latest updates for apps and operating system. Get new features and improvements as soon as they are available.


inkBOOK Yoga cover

Innovative construction of inkBOOK Yoga cover stands your inkBOOK in portrait orientation so you can enjoy your books hands-free (4). It folds into portrait orientation in three easy steps.

Beautiful design, perfect fit

Designed to perfectly fit your device, the cover provides solid protection. The integrated magnetic clasp keeps your cover securely closed.

Auto Sleep/Wake

Wake or put your inkBOOK to sleep by opening or closing the cover.
   (1) Third-party applications may require additional actions e.g registering an account, purchasing subscriptions. Some functions are/may be limited for some regions. Third-party applications are supported by their developers. The App Store may be available depending on a model and/or after firmware update. Some functions are/may be limited for some regions. (2) 30 minutes of reading per day, wireless turned off, front light turned off, the device was switched off after reading session was over. Actual battery life may vary and depends on usage and other factors. Testing was conducted by the manufacturer using preproduction inkBOOK Prime devices and software. (3) Coming soon with update. (4). Cover is optional and sold separately.


The finer details...

  • Screen:
    • 6-inch E Ink® Carta Flat Glass Solution (EPD; 16-level grayscale) with Rapid Refresh™ technology
    • touchscreen (capacitive)
    • front light (8 LED lights)
    • resolution: 1024×768 pixels (212 dpi)
  • Battery: 2000 mAh Li-ION Polymer
  • Dimensions: 159×114×9 mm
  • Weight: 168 g
  • Auto Sleep/Wake: Supported
  • Processor: Quad-Core Cortex A9 up to 1.6 GHz
  • RAM memory: 512 MB
  • Storage space: 8 GB (1GB = 1 billion bytes; actual formatted capacity less)
  • Wireless technologies:
    • Wi-Fi (802.11b/g/n)
    • Bluetooth
  • Ports:
    • micro-USB 2.0
    • microSD port up to 32GB
  • Operating system: Android 4.2.2
  • Languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Polish, Romanian and Czech
  • Installed applications: Library (Books), Internet browser, Midiapolis Drive, Bookshop, Midiapolis News Reader, App Store
  • Supports: Windows, Linux, MacOS
  • Supported formats:
      Documents and books: EPUB and PDF (reflow) with Adobe DRM (ADEPT), MOBI (without DRM), TXT, FB2, HTML, RTF, CHM
  • Housing colour: Black
  • Part Number / EAN: INKBOOK_PRIME / 5901721549425


When you order an inkBOOK Prime:

  • inkBOOK Prime
  • Micro USB cable
  • Quick start guide
  • Warranty Card
  Company names and or product names mentioned herein are the property of their respective owners and may be trademarks or registered trademarks. Android is a trademark of Google Inc. Size and weight may vary by manufacturing process.

Why buy an eReader?

It may be stating the obvious but eReaders are designed specifically to make eBook reading easy on the eye.
Of course you can read eBooks on a tablet or even a smart phone by using an App, BUT long reading sessions (especially in difficult light conditions) can strain the eyes. eReaders are much nicer to use and better for your sight.
All inkBOOK devices support the Amazon Kindle App. You can read all your Amazon Kindle books on inkBOOK, but can also read books from other retailers too. inkBOOK is an android device that has all the benefits of an eReader. Have more choice with inkBOOK.

Purchase an inkBOOK device and get the cover for only £11.95.

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