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A Dream Shattered
A true story about my work within the BBC Tv environment, an ill-fated relationship that went from bad to worse. It [...]
Bobbin and the Magical Jigsaw
AUDIOBOOK EDITION COMING SOON “Nanny and Grandad read stories to me and this one begins with a Magical Tree. With [...]
Cocktails at Noon
This book contains fifteen entertaining short stories across a range of subjects. The stories include an awkward [...]
Hope is Daffodil Bright
In 1945 Jean Barnet put her war in a box – all her memories, achievements, and heartache. She hoped it would [...]
The Heart Crusher
“We become who we are because of our abilities. It’s what makes us special.” “Yeah, well what if your ability was the [...]
The Kindness Project
The author’s royalties from this book are being donated to Saint Frances Hospice, a charity that cares for people with [...]
The Maypole Manual
This book looks at the practicalities of maypole dancing. Designed for teachers with little or no experience of teaching [...]
Transform Your Life by Walking
“Brave, honest, deep and humorous” Jackie Jarvis, like many before, not only answered the calling to walk, but to share [...]
Write to Release
Write to Release Expressive Writing Journal is a practical tool to support emotional healing through expressive writing. [...]