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A Dream Shattered
A true story about my work within the BBC Tv environment, an ill-fated relationship that went from bad to worse. It [...]
Bessie Quinn Survivor Spirit
Bessie Quinn was an early 20th century New Woman, a mother living her love story in the enchanted world of the [...]
Curse of that Lottery Ticket
If he had been born a cat, Zdenko Ornig wouold have used up eight of his nine lives already. From the day his father [...]
Dodgy Dog, Clever Camel, Bonny Bumblebee And Other Rhymes
A collection of poems aimed at children up to ten. Read your child this book of poems and enjoy helping progress your [...]
Gabriella’s Travels 3rd Edition
Gabriella has an exceptional gift unbeknownst to her. On a trip around Europe, Gabriella encounters butterflies, [...]
Gertie Goose
*All of the authors royalties will go to the Red Cross Ukraine appeal. Gertie is a prime example of a goose who thinks [...]
Prisoner Within 3rd Edition
Forgiveness is about letting go, not forgetting what was done to you. Are you ready to let go or are you a prisoner [...]
The Voice of Love
One day in 2010, the Channel of this book, Georgie G Deyn, was blessed with an Angelic visitation that dramatically [...]
What the Wind Saw
What the Wind Saw is a collection of 25 short stories of the people, real and imagined, from a small tract of ancient land [...]
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10 x 10 Handy Tips for Small Business
A handy book which any small business owner can use to find the answers to common business system and marketing [...]
100 things to learn before you're 10
‘100 Things to Learn before you’re 10’ is a parenting book. Drawing on 40 years teaching experience, it explains why [...]
101 Marketing Tips for Dance Teachers
Check out tons of amazing tips on how to get massive exposure for your dance classes, parties and workshops in this [...]
411 AD The Britons: Part I
It is the early fifth century and the Romans have abandoned Britain to the barbarians. Now Picts creep down from the [...]
5 Reasons Why Most Schools Fail Your Child With Special Needs
School can be an amazing place for our children to grow, explore and develop. However, too often our children with [...]
A Bolt Hole for Zelda
A romantic novel… Romance has gone stale with no indication from Zelda’s partner Donald to commit to their [...]
A Break in Mendoza
A Break in Mendoza is the inspirational story of a courageous 15 year old English boy who breaks his neck in a rugby [...]
A Collection of Inspirational Guided Prayers
A collection of 40 short guided prayers covering a range of subjects, solely to bring a sense of peace and comfort. If [...]
A Gentleman's Game
War game for professionals or enthusiasts. A Gentleman’s Game can be played on many “levels”. Those who enjoy [...]
A Jumble of Stories
A Jumble of Stories by Katie Gray is a compilation of eight individual short stories for a variety of audiences. The stories [...]
A Life in Love
Poems which take you on the author’s journey as she explores love, loss and the “awakening” of a different [...]
A Perspective on Pendley: A history of Pendley Manor
A detailed history of Pendley Manor. Pendley has accumulated over 1,700 years of history – from: Ancient Britons and [...]
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