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Tom Adams writes instant poetry for passers-by on the streets of the city of Bath, Somerset. It normally takes him [...]
Bobbin and the Magical Dragon
“Bobbin the Elf goes off to explore, when he visits Folkland through the fireplace door. One day, with his friend, [...]
Higgledy Piggledy Hearts - Bereavement
This book discusses the big issue of bereavement and loss through the story of two children whose grandfather dies. [...]
Not the Life of Riley
Problems in prisons, corruption in the public sector, assaults, escape, gangs, drugs, murder and much more. Uncover [...]
Re-imagining Preaching and Leading Worship
If you’ve ever wondered how you could be more effective at engaging audiences, conveying what you have to say and, [...]
The Portraits on the Wall
In five beautifully observed stories for adults, Zoë Jasko’s third book explores the relationships between people and [...]
The R.A.V.E. Toolkit
Small business marketing made easy If you’re running a small business you have to wear many hats – and, while marketing [...]
touching beauty
Inspiration has a magical effect on us: we feel uplifted, excited, joyous, motivated, focused, stimulated, energised, [...]
Where Urban Lights Reflect Hope
The poems represented between these pages in this powerful book are Urban shocking vignettes of street homelessness lived [...]