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Adam Shaw

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Adam Shaw is known as “The Heart Guy” because he is a speaker, author and specialist who addresses the serious topic of preventing heart attacks but does it in a light-hearted way.

Adam says:

“From the humble beginnings of spending the first seventeen years of my life growing up within the grounds of a psychiatric hospital (my parents both worked there), via thirteen years of nursing, I have been surrounded by people with various health challenges pretty much all of my life.

I now work as ‘The Heart Guy’, educating people on the early warning symptoms of heart disease and how to reverse them easily.

My journey has taken me to six continents; I have worked in four of them and studied the various health practices of many different cultures. I am qualified in nursing, reiki, NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), Energetic NLP, VortexHealing, hypnotherapy, Time Line Therapy and channelling. I have also worked as a fitness instructor and have been published in several magazines, including Chat, Real People, High Spirit, Candis and Choices.

My interest in heart health, through working with thousands of people who had experienced heart attacks, was exacerbated when I experienced angina myself. It was my own journey that led me to look at a more holistic view of heart disease and share the insights that I have learned along the path.”

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