About us

The Endless Bookcase is an e-book publisher and an e-book retailer. For publishing with us please visit the publishing half of the website (the ‘Author Site‘), to purchase books from us please our e-books page or our paper books page.

Our Vision

“Every person in the world who wants to create a written work to share expertise or experiences,
or tell a story can get published so that it can be enjoyed by anyone anywhere for ever.”

The advent of electronic publication, rather than the production of paper books, is a game changer and makes our vision possible to achieve, eventually, when once it was just impracticable.

But Rome wasn’t built in a day and we have to start somewhere. Our emphasis is on niche books with merit that share people’s experiences, expertise and stories.

The Endless Bookcase, and this website in particular, specialises in e-publications. That is, we publish books and booklets that are in digital form and intended to be read using specialist e-book reader devices or specialist reader software on PCs, smartphones, tablets, etc. In addition, we occasionally publish paper editions of our books where there is a particular demand.

We are particularly interested in books that have merit and especially those that would be uneconomic or risky to produce in paper format, such as: niche topics, fiction by unknown authors, pieces too short to be full length books.

We support all the main e-book formats and devices and publish all editions at budget prices.

We aim to work co-operatively with authors and readers.

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