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10 x 10 Handy Tips for Small Business (ebook)
by Hazel Theocharous. A handy book which any small business owner can use to find the answers to common business system and marketing questions.
Price: £5.99

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10 x 10 Handy Tips for Small Business

ISBN: 978-1-912243-00-6
ISBN (Printed): 978-1-912243-07-5
File Types: ePub, PDF
Formats: eBook, Kindle or Paperback
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Answers to common business system and marketing questions


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A handy book which any small business owner can use to find the answers to common business system and marketing questions. Whether this is on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, having these handy tips at your fingertips will give you quick and reliable answers.

Business Systems

Business Systems, in the first section of the book, are a necessity to all businesses small and large. Businesses must be streamlined with systems in place to keep them focussed and on track. These tips will help you ensure this happens.

We all have busy lives and running a business is no exception, chapters such as ‘Scheduling your Time’ will help to make you a pro at being more time efficient.

Filing is the last item on every business owners’ To-Do list, but why not follow some the simple steps inside to get this item ticked off each week before you’re stuck with a backlog.

Do you work from home? These tips will have you growing you out of your home office before long.

How well do you know your business? You may assume you know it inside out, but in reality you may not. This book can help you understand your business better than you ever did before.


Marketing, the second section of this book, is an important tool to get out the word about your business.

Establish what marketing strategy is right for your business and use the tips in this chapter to help you achieve this.

What is offline marketing? Ideas are included to help you achieve marketing success without your computer!

Online marketing is the biggest way to advertise your business, so become more educated on what this means for you.

Concentrate on the best social media platforms for your business – information included on the top 10 social media platforms. Plus, discover help on how to use them effectively!

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