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Jenny Ford’s Children’s Stories are now Available in a Dyslexia Friendly Format.

Jenny Ford believes every child should have the chance to read great stories. Her own titles, Joshua and the Magical Unicorn and Tilly and the Magical Mermaid are now available in easy to read, large-scale font on coloured paper, accessible to children with dyslexia and other learning difficulties.

Inspired by the experiences of a close friend Barbara and her daughter Erika in dealing with dyslexia, Jenny has adapted her entertaining children’s stories to make them more accessible. These versions give children with Dyslexia and other learning challenges the chance to enjoy a new relationship with reading. This in turn will encourage them to feel confident and successful.

These books are specifically designed to be engaging and interactive. The fun extends beyond the end of each story. Children can unleash their creativity and bring the stories to life by colouring in Caroline Evans’ illustrations and writing a story of their own on the pages provided.

Read what children and parents had to say:

“We loved the books! My daughter is actually a bit older at 11 years old but for the first time she read her 4 year old brother a bed time story!” “Seeing my daughter finally confident enough to read something out loud was such a special moment!” – Emma-Rose, Age 11, Durham, UK

“She said it is nice to know that people who care that it’s hard for her to read. She was able to relate to your characters and get into their world easily” “the vocabulary you use was easy but not babyish” – Casey, Age 8, Runnemede, New Jersey

Order your copies from The Endless Bookcase today via the links below.

Joshua and the Magical Unicorn

Tilly and the Magical Mermaid

Read more about Jenny on our authors’ page and view her other titles.

Or visit to read more about her positive vision for writing.

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