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Katie Gray continues her ‘Dead Series’ with the launch of the fifth book, ‘Dead Scared’, where characters Pippsy and Jack fall into crime once again. Both the ebook and paper back are available to purchase from The Endless Bookcase here. Fans of the books will not have to wait too long for the next instalment… [...]

Phoenix Rising, an exciting follow on story to Stan Daneman’s first novel, The Solar Murder, has been released. At Stan’s local theatre for performing arts, the grand launch took place with over 60 people in attendance, hosted by his daughters Taryn and Lauren. After a speech by the author about Anthony, a main character in [...]

100 things to learn before you're 10 Audiobook

100 things to learn before you’re 10 has received an interesting book review from Absolutely Mama: New book 100 Things To Learn Before You’re 10, aims to provide a roadmap to help parents and their children navigate the obstacles and misunderstandings that often arise during the first ten years of little ones’ lives – and [...]

Enlightened Leaders

Doing the right thing for people as well as for organisations This is a key aspect of “Enlightened Leaders” by Penny Sophocleous. Over the last 400 years, corporations and the people who lead them seem to have gradually forgotten that the ‘value to shareholders’ they are all ruthlessly chasing is actually delivered by human beings, [...]

The Solar Murder

Stan Daneman, the author of ‘Reflections of Heaven’ and ‘From my Hilltop’ has recently released his latest book ‘The Solar Murder (printed)’. The book tells the story of Greg Winters; a respected defense lawyer working in California who hasn’t lost a murder case yet. Gregs retirement plans are interrupted when he receives a last minute [...]

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