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Monica Black

Monica Black
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Monica Black’s journey from growing up in Wales next to the sea, going to sleep at night listening to the sound of the waves, to writing My Little Book of Helpfulness was a long and interesting one. Monica has lived and worked in a numerous cities including London (where she worked in the City installing desk top computers, writing manuals and training Corporate Finance staff on how to use them), Tel Aviv, Johannesburg and Hong Kong, where she lived for 14 years. She returned to the UK in 1998 and went back to work in the City. However she found “things had changed”, so she decided to retrain in complimentary health care.

She is now a Master Clinical Hypnotherapist, Master NLP Practitioner, an EMDR Practitioner, Coach, Trainer and Media Commentator.

Monica began practicing in 2000. Because of the stressful life she lead in the city, it makes her exceptionally well qualified to help those dealing with the stresses and strains of modern day living.

Using her “tool box” of Hypnotherapy, NLP, EMDR, Mindfulness and Coaching, Monica has successfully helped many people overcome all kinds of emotional, physical and physiological conditions. The result enabling her clients to unlock the full potential of their minds – enabling them to achieve Mind, Body and Soul Balance – so they can take control of their life and become the person they’ve dreamed of being.

Monica Black: Hampstead Hypnotherapy

Monica is associated with the National Eczema Society. She helps people take control of both the physical and psychological effects of skin conditions.

Over the years Monica has successfully used the following Techniques with her clients. She wanted to put them together in this little booklet to share with you.

Monica practices in London, and also consults over Skype/ FaceTime.

She is a Member of the GHR, GHSC, CNHC & The Royal Society of Medicine.

Monica black is also a contributing author for The CAM Coach.

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