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Kirsten Gibbs

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With a background in languages and IT, Kirsten Gibbs is a business advisor specialising in partnerships and franchising.

Kirsten says: “Essentially, I take complex information and make it simple, so that a business owner can do something practical with it to grow their business.

I’m a bit of a process geek – I love finding out how a business works and turning that into something that is streamlined, efficient and easy to learn, yet still embodies the uniqueness of the business. After all, it’s not what you do that makes you unique, it’s the way you do it. If you can bottle that you are onto a winner.

I’ve done a lot of networking over the years and I see potential collaborations everywhere. I’m good at putting people together so I now also work on creating partnerships, joint ventures and collaborations.

So I suppose really I am interested in how businesses can make the transitions from survival to success, and from success to growth.”


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