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Karen Patrick

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“I am a freelance conflict resolution specialist. A qualified conflict coach and mediator, I work with organisations and individuals helping them to identify solutions to diffuse and resolve conflict situations.

I have a wealth of experience in advising on and facilitating resolution of employment disputes, also with supporting excellent employee relations practice. Before specialising in conflict resolution I spent many years working in human resources.

In my spare time I enjoy writing. Like many people I had a long held personal ambition to write a book and have it published. Following a difficult few years dealing with major life issues I realised life was not a dress rehearsal, deciding to realise my ambition and write that book. My e-book ‘Scaling the Dragon’s Back’ is the realisation of that ambition.

The subject for my first book leapt out at me. In 2012 I took part in a charity trek of part of the Great Wall of China, fundraising in support of Dementia UK, Admiral Nurses. I wanted to increase awareness of the vital work of these specialist dementia nurses. Like many others I have always been interested in China, its history and culture, and by the rapid changes taking place in the country today. And, I held the same ambition as many to see and walk on The Great Wall.

I decided to share my adventure and experiences with others who might be interested capturing them in a book and in the process continuing to support the work of Dementia UK, Admiral Nurses.”– Karen Patrick

Karen lives in Cambridge, UK.

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