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Julie New

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Julie New was a senior nurse and midwife until 2005, when she left the NHS and started training to become a life coach. She had been coached herself since 1999 and had made significant change as a result.

She became founder and inspiration behind the organisation Changes Forever, following the development of her analogy, where she likens ‘relationships and life’ as being like a garden. Changes Forever in time will become known as a special place that will enable, inspire and support people like YOU to be the best you can possibly be in your world.

At the launch of the Changes Forever website, a new member said: ‘I was wondering who this woman was that my cousin had told me so much about. When I heard her speak, I was puzzled; she doesn’t come over like an evangelist, and yet I could simply see how much impact her message had on the people there and so many in the future.

‘When I met her and sat down with her, I began to understand. She is passionate about personal growth, her ideas about the garden and her plans for Changes Forever, bubble out and you feel yourself wanting to help make that happen. She is completely sincere and genuinely wants to reach as many people as possible to help them to make the changes they need in their lives.

‘But, above all, Julie exudes what psychologists call unconditional positive regard. She is genuinely interested in the people she meets, she values them, no matter who they are and she is driven to make things better for them. You never know quite where you are going to land up being with Julie, but you know it will be a great experience!’

When Julie works with you, she uses her intuition and what she gives you is a chest full of treasure – invaluable and priceless. As a personal coach, she asks probing, sometimes difficult and life-changing questions. She is kind, loving, effervescent and fun to be with and uses her own life experiences (which have been challenging) to help you change your life forever.

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