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Jonathan Smith

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Jonathan Smith believes that “knowing how the ground really lies” is a must for successful marketing. With very few official laws or guidelines to refer to when commissioning marketing material and company promotion, most business owners are at the mercy of their chosen provider and that provider’s motives.

This is the primary reason behind his e-book The SEO Myth: to assist business owners in understanding what is important when it comes to search engine optimisation (SEO) and to clarify the myths from the reality. An added bonus is the prevention of business owners being out of pocket while SEO providers cash in and move on, more often than not blaming everyone else in the process.

Jonathan’s business, Marketing Psych, takes human behaviour and applies it to all the marketing that a company is currently participating in. Marketing Psych works to evolve a company from trying to sell, to a company that people desire to buy from.

Jonathan says: “Unless there is a seismic shift in the fundamentals of the human psyche, underpinning your online and offline marketing by understanding why people do what they do will always work.”

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