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Gary Crouch

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Gary has worked with computers since the mid-1980’s, achieving a wide array of certifications along the way. His abilities with learning and using computer software, coupled with his natural skills for document presentation, make him stand out as an expert in his field.

It was only natural then that, when he took up digital photography in 2002, his integration to Photoshop was quick and he was soon producing some great work which earned him respect and recognition.

By 2008, Gary was working on studio shoots, weddings, before and after baby shoots, nude shoots, boudoir, location, product, and various other commissioned projects, continually expanding his photography skills and knowledge as well as his kit collection.

Gary now passes his photography knowledge on through GC2 Photo Club, along with his friend Geoff Cable, so others can learn to love photography, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom the way he does. He also spends whatever spare time he can get enjoying his favourite genre of photography, Macro.

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