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Gabriella Guglielminotti Trivel

Gabriella is also known as “The Flying Witch” due to her wit and her passion for flying. She is an Italian linguist who started working in Italy as a tour leader and interpreter, then moved to the UK in 1998.

She worked in the travel business for several years and then, due to being made redundant from work, she decided to pursue her other passion in life, the human mind and its potential.

She trained in neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and investigated several alternative therapies including reiki, shiatsu, Aura-Soma, The Demartini Method, macrobiotics, do-in, aromatherapy, reflexology, hypnotherapy, Time Line Therapy, The Journey, and The Work of Byron Katie, which all gave her a better and holistic understanding of the human being that we all are.

In 2008 Gabriella joined a group of people going to Antarctica to face their fears and limiting beliefs – to test herself and put into action first hand and in a dramatic way what she learnt, and then pass it on to others. She wrote a book about it where she describes her inner journey while she was down under with penguins, seals and the ice.

Since 2009, she helps women to discover their potential through their menstrual cycle, something that still to these days is considered taboo and is called “the curse”. She does workshops and personal sessions with women to share her knowledge and personal experience of her feminine cycle, and with men to help them understand how women work and how to be an aware partner to deepen their intimate relationships.

Her vision is to create the woman of the 21st century who is totally in line with herself, her beliefs, her body and her vision so as to reharmonise the planet and create a more harmonious way of living for both men and women.

Radio Interviews with Gabriella

Gabriella’s radio interviews can all be found at her website.

To hear Gabriella’s talk with Globalnet21 all about her inspiring book ‘Antarctic Odyssey’, please press the play button below.


To hear Gabriella’s interview with Radio Dacorum please press the play button below. There are two parts to this talk.

Part One:

Part Two:

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