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Carl French

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Carl French is a “know-how replicologist”. He can help you turn your expertise into replicable products by licensing, franchising or publishing.

In order to transfer expertise effectively it is important to be able to use the right techniques for getting it out of people’s heads in the first place. That has to be followed by modern methods that enable others to acquire the expertise – by applying an up-to-date understanding of how people learn. These are things in which Carl has extensive experience and expertise.

Carl says: “I am passionate about preventing the loss of expertise locked inside people’s heads and, instead, properly exploiting it. I am equally passionate about eradicating the dreadful waste of time and talent that results from the continued and widespread use of very outdated and highly inefficient methods of training. Every day, organisations needlessly lose expertise and squander vast resources on hopelessly antiquated training methods that have changed little since the 19th century. It is not an understatement to say this is a global disgrace and an economic disaster. I offer practical, hands-on help, advice and guidance to those who want to do something about it.”

Other work

As well as being a “know-how replicologist” and an author of a number of successful books on a variety of specialist topics, Carl is also a successful speaker and business advisor.


For more on his working life click on his LinkedIn profile in the left hand column and for more on his professional interests click on the ‘Author Site’ image.

Carl is also editor in chief at The Endless Bookcase.

Carl has written 7 books in his time, those published by The Endless Bookcase in the right hand side bar of this page, his other books can be found at Amazon:

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