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About our Non-Fiction


We publish a wide variety of non-fiction books but a common theme is the sharing of the experiences and expertise of our authors.

This ranges from books on specific business topics, through a wide variety of titles covering many different aspects of personal development, through to books that deal with specific issues or problems.

We are able to publish books on niche topics that traditional publishers might avoid because they are unlikely to be best sellers and therefore deemed uneconomic. We are able to do this because we use the latest technical methods of production and printing, and only need to print in low numbers at a time. We are specialist in eBook production, which we also do for other publishers, and are also progressively adding audiobook editions.

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It may be stating the obvious but eReaders are designed specifically to make eBook reading easy on the eye.
Of course you can read eBooks on a tablet or even a smart phone by using an App, BUT long reading sessions (especially in difficult light conditions) can strain the eyes. eReaders are much nicer to use and better for your sight.
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