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Work, life, speed, stress, anxiety. We live in a modern world where speed, on-the-go eating, rushing around and staying hyper-active is seen as the norm for successful, highly motivated individuals. But actually, is this true? If you’re lacking in sleep, stressed out, have other things on your mind, regardless of how much you are pushing yourself – are you still being effective? And are you putting too much stress on yourself, leading to a possible burn out and exhaustion?

Low stress levels can be useful to motivate and put pressure on ourselves, but too much stress can negatively impact our mood, body and relationships. This can lead to us feeling anxious and irritable, and even affect our self-esteem (NHS, 2020).

Is going fast worth making yourself ill?

“Go Slow to Grow” can help you move towards a happier, richer, life and business, by taking the necessary steps to slow down:

The Lunatic Gene helps provide insight into your life and how to make positive change:

My Little Book of Helpfulness provides short and simple techniques to deal with everyday stress and anxiety:

Relieve stress and anxiety: My Little Book of Helpfulness: Quick, easy and simple techniques to help you navigate through the stresses and strains of living in the 21st century

How to Eliminate Low Back Pain and Achieve Long Term Relief can help deal with some of the physical manifestations of stress:


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