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‘Who are the flowers in your garden’ book launch!

Julie New ran a beautiful launch event last night at The Orchard Fairfield, which was full of flowers (metaphorically and physically speaking)! Guests were welcomed with calming music by a local band, and enjoyed a cocktail and snacks on arrival.

Dedicated to the ‘Waste not want not’ charity over £100 was raised, and mostly all the flowers they brought along to sell were gone by the end.

Julie said: “For me it was the culmination of 13 years work and life. Bringing a book to life takes a huge amount of time and although mine is short it is a powerful read making people think more deeply about their lives and also helping them recognise who can support you in those difficult times. Its times like that when you need a book like THIS. Also in the everyday and most importantly it helps you learn how you can support yourself.”

Now available as an ebook and audiobook, ‘Who are the flowers in your garden?’ helps you reflect on your life and what is important.

You can purchase the book at The Endless Bookcase.

The audiobook is also available at purchase here.

Who are the flowers