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The Solar Murder

Stan Daneman, the author of ‘Reflections of Heaven’ and ‘From my Hilltop’ has recently released his latest book ‘The Solar Murder (printed)’.

The book tells the story of Greg Winters; a respected defense lawyer working in California who hasn’t lost a murder case yet. Gregs retirement plans are interrupted when he receives a last minute case from a well known multimillionaire, Paxton Starr, who has been accused of murdering his wife. Greg cannot refuse the intriguing case and decides to take up Paxtons offer when he pleads Greg to work for him. Will Greg discover the truth? Was it murder or just a tragic accident after Maxi had too much to drink that night? And what did ‘KIND I DENVER, PLEASE PLEASE!’ mean?

To find out more and follow this thrilling murder case you can purchase Stan’s book from a number of sites such as Kobo, Amazon and Nook as an ebook. Or you can purchase it directly from The Endless Bookcase as a paperback and/or as an ebook.

To celebrate the production of his new book as a paperback Stan decided to arrange an exciting book launch and signing in Canada on Wednesday 11th March. The event had a successful turn out of around 40 people and 25 books were sold with the promise of another 14 sales when The Solar Murder is reprinted. Stan spoke about his reasoning behind the development of his book characters and the evolution of writing it. So far readers that have read the book have given it an average rating of a brilliant 8.7 out of 10, and we’re anticipating a bright future for ‘The Solar Murder’.

If you would like to find out more about Stan please visit his authors page. Below is an image taken at the event that is soon to be published in the monthly edition of Snapd in Stans home town.

Stans Book Launch
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