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Finally, a dedicated ebook reader that reads all formats!*

What is the inkBOOK eReader?

The inkBOOK eReader is a new device we have on sale, very similar to Amazon Kindle. It allows you to read hundreds of eBooks on a single device, and has an amazing battery life. The difference is that Amazon Kindle and other eReaders often only allow you to purchase from one retailer, whereas with an inkBOOK device you can download eBooks from not only Amazon but also Kobo, Nook, The Endless Bookcase and many more sites – even free eBook sites – all on the same device.

Why buy an inkBOOK eReader?

You may think what’s the point, why buy an eReader if you can read an eBook on your mobile, computer or tablet. Or you may think what’s the point, I like reading print copies? Here’s why:

1. eReaders can hold hundreds of eBooks
Many may find that a device could never beat the feel of real paper and a book in your hand. However, on a handheld device you can hold hundreds of eBooks at the same time, all in one place. This means no extra storage space, and if you go on holiday or travel somewhere you only have to take the eReader, rather than lug heavy books around.

2. eBooks are cheaper than printed books
Generally speaking, eBooks are cheaper than printed books. Because of this, you may find it more cost effective to buy eBooks rather than printed, unless it’s something you’d particularly like as a printed book. If not, it makes sense to buy eBooks to save space and help protect the environment.

3. eReaders are MUCH better for your eyes than other devices!
Reading for long periods of time on your mobile, computer or tablet is not good for your eyes. It can strain them, exacerbate existing eye conditions, cause eye discomfort, headaches, itchy eyes, dry or watering eyes, burning sensations, changes in colour perception, blurred vision and even difficulty focussing. As a way to combat this, but still have a convenient device that can hold hundreds of books in one place, eReaders were created. They use special technology that means their displays are black and white and the backlights are dimmed or non-existent. This makes them much better for your eyes and ensures comfortable reading for long periods of time.

4. eReaders have a much longer battery life than other devices!
Our inkBOOKs offer a battery life that lasts weeks! Seeing as most peoples phones/laptops/tablets need charging at least once a day, you’ll probably find they die half through reading. Avoid this with an inkBOOK eReader.

5. Finally, eReader screens are anti-glare
Due to the special technology used for eReader screens, when the sun is out you can still read on an eReader, whereas on a normal device this would be next to impossible due to the glare.

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