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Phoenix Rising, an exciting follow on story to Stan Daneman’s first novel, The Solar Murder, has been released.

At Stan’s local theatre for performing arts, the grand launch took place with over 60 people in attendance, hosted by his daughters Taryn and Lauren.

After a speech by the author about Anthony, a main character in the book, there was a surprise singer with the tune “Love me tender”. This all linked into Anthony’s experiences, who was introduced to music at the age of 16, with the first song he sang being a haunting love ballad.

In the book the characters also visit the Delheim wine estate near Cape Town. So, for the launch the Delheim estate kindly provided bottles of wine for two lucky draw ticket holders!

Bringing the book to life, the event was a success and was picked up by the local media.

To see more photographs of the event please visit the Snapd Richmond Hill website.
To find out more about the book please visit the Phoenix Rising product page.
To find out more about Stan please visit his authors page.

“With a smouldering start, Stan’s book Phoenix Rising gives you the impression it will have a light, happy storyline. However, as the novel catches alight the pace heats up and the plot gets darker and darker. At the heart of events is Anthony, the young pyromaniac, who kept me engrossed in the book and eager to find out what would happen next. With some shocks and surprises along the way, I found myself blaze through Phoenix Rising in no time.”

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