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Everybody's heard of Blondin (paperback)
'When I was very young, my father told me that Blondin had walked over Niagara Falls on a tightrope...' Without doubt, Blondin was a great artiste and a superlative showman. It is for his performances that he is remembered and it is because of his amazing feats that everybody (or virtually everybody!) has heard of Blondin.

Aristo's Family (hardback)
As the practices at Papas late-night museum staff meetings unfold themselves to Pavlos, and he wonders at what it is that his archaeologist father brings back in polythene bags from his excavations, the teenage boy is led deeper into a sinister confrontation with those unquiet souls who loom from ancient times on Cyprus in what Papas calls his family . There is a poignant sub-plot to this novel as Aristo's obsessive need to trace and belong to his family - even though he was told they were all burnt and left unidentifiable during the Turkish invasion of Cyprus - has estranged his English wife, and is gradually distancing his only child, while in turn, Pavlos has an increasing need to trust that he belongs to a father who once made time for him. A strong blend of eeriness, suspense and the poignancy of lives which could be yours when driven to extremity.
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Sussex Cavalcade (paperback)
"Sussex Cavalcade" tells the fascinating story of men and women of the county who have made their contribution to history in so many different ways. What they had in common was residence in, or a love for, the county of Sussex - a thread which joins them all together in building a heritage of infinite variety. The final chapter, The Passing Centuries, provides the background history of the county which had some claim on their lives - a history full of the many colourful characters who inhabited it. 'Delightful reading for everyone to whom Sussex has a special significance - and for anyone who wishes to marvel at the rich and lasting contribution of a single English county.' This new edition of "Sussex Cavalcade" has been revised and added to by Michael Smith, well-known author, broadcaster and lecturer on Sussex topics, and is profusely illustrated with his own photographs. It has a comprehensive list of books for further reading, and a clear index to people and places.

Space Minders 1: The Green Glow (paperback)
'I am Pik. I am from Zeta, a far-off planet,' he said. Mike wanted to know more. 'You look just like me!' he said. 'Why are you here?' 'I will answer all your questions,' said Pik, 'but first, please help me. I need to hide the bubble.' 'Bubble? Oh you mean the spaceship,' said Mike. The craft was small and round and did look like a bubble. 'It can go in the old barn. No-one goes there in winter.' Mike and Pik, who look like twins, have some great adventures at school. And Mr Spencer, the nasty maths teacher, is soon brought to justice with the help of Pik's special powers.

Space Minders 2: War of the Mercans (paperback)
"We are going to Melda, a planet on the edge of our galaxy", said Pik. "There is a long story to tell you".

Gladys the Dragon Series

Gladys is a sleepy, friendly dragon who doesn’t fly any more. She will tell you she has ‘quite given up’. But in her dreams she does fly, and in some of her adventures she flies off to a castle of long ago where a young girl called Gwendolyn lives.

The Complete Gladys the Dragon Series (paperback)
Originally £3.45 each, now only £1.99 plus shipping. Purchase all 6 at once to receive a discount on postage.


Book one: Gladys the Dragon and The Lost Lamb
In this first book, we find out how Gladys got her name and how she helped the farm children’s pet lamb.

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Book two: Gladys the Dragon in Gladys Saves the Day
In this story, we find out how Gladys saves the day when Daddy’s cricket match is nearly stopped by heavy rain.

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Book three: Gladys the Dragon and The Flying Lesson
In this story, we find out how George and his friends try to teach Gladys to fly. And they are very surprised when she does!

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Book four: Gladys the Dragon and The Slippery Slope
In this book, we find Gladys the dragon on a slipper slope in winter time when her friends ask to her for help.

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Book five: Gladys the Dragon meets Lady Gwendolyn
In this book, Gladys lands on the top of a castle and meets Lady Gwendolyn.

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Book six: Gladys the Dragon and The Mountain Bike
This book continues on from book five, George rides his bike and meets Lady Gwendolyn.

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Dan the Handyman Series

Dan the handyman lives with faithful dog, Houva, in Fixit Cottage in the country village of Thistledown Green. He has a yellow van with a ladder on top and on the sides of the van, it has: DAN THE HANDYMAN, NO JOB TOO SMALL, I CAN DO THEM ALL.

Dan can fix anything. He is a happy man. He likes helping people, and, often as he works, he makes up little songs that he sings to Houva. Dan and Houva have lots of adventures together. We hope you enjoy all the stories in the Dan the Handyman Series.

The Complete Dan the Handyman Series (paperback)
Originally £2.99 each, now only £1.49 plus shipping. Purchase all 4 at once to receive a discount on postage.


Dan the Handyman and the Lost Rabbit
The morning sun shone brightly through the window. Frank opened his eyes and looked at teh clock. Half past seven. Today was a school day – time to get up. He liked school. This week, he was in charge of the rabbit. But when he got to the cage something terrible had happened. There was a hole in the wire netting. The children search everywhere. Then Houva joined in and sniffed all over the playground. ‘WOOF! WOOF!’ barked Houva. But where was the rabbit found?

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Dan the Handyman and the Little Man
Just across the road from Dan’s house stood the neatest and tidiest cottage you have ever seen. In the cottage lived Mr Joshua Small – known to everyone as the ‘Little Man’ – with his little dog, Meredew. When the Little Man and Meredew missed their last bus home, and the Little Man fell asleep under a tree in a raging storm …Meredew spotted Dan the Handyman and his dog, Houva, driving down the road in their little yellow van with a ladder on top, but would they see him?

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Dan the Handyman and Betty Busy’s Cottage
P-l-o-p! P-l-o-p! Betty Busy is worried. She discovers a leak in her roof, so she asks Dan the Handyman to fix it for her. “I expect some of the tiles are broken”, said Dan. “It shouldn’t take long to fix, not to worry”. Then, Betty’s white hen goes missing. What ever can have happened to her? This is another story about Dan the Handyman and his dog, Houva, who drive around in their little yellow van with a ladder on the top, helping the people of Thistledown Green.

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Dan the Handyman and a Bear on the Loose
The Big Top arrives at farmer Jones’ field, but all the circus people are worried when one of their bears goes missing. “A big, black hairy animal, over two metres tall when he stands up. You haven’t seen him, have you?” said the man. Then, Dan discovers that Grannie Smith’s clothesline full of washing is all jumbled up on the lawn. This is another story about Dan the Handyman and his dog, Houva, who drive around in their little yellow van with a ladder on the top, helping the people of Thistledown Green.

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The Bumblewood Series

Delightful, illustrated stories for children, which adults will enjoy sharing with them. For the younger reader, a short easy-to-read sentence is included under each colour picture. Superbly illustrated throughout, Marlene Keeble has used both detailed watercolours, and pen and ink drawings to bring alive the little bears and their habitat in “Bumblewood.”

The Complete Bumblewood Series (paperback)
Originally £2.99 each, now only £1.99 plus shipping. Purchase all 4 at once to receive a discount on postage.


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