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Paper books

Most of our titles are available as paperbacks or hardback editions as well as being available as eBooks. Some readers like to have an eBook edition when travelling and a paper edition when at home. We are gradually introducing “bundled offers” with a special price if you buy an eBook edition and paper book edition together.

It was as long ago as the first quarter of 2011 that various official bodies announced that the numbers of worldwide sales of e-books had exceeded paper book sales. The gap widened and still exists but there has been a bit of a comeback for paper books. That was helped by a growth in paper colouring books. We believe that there will always be a demand for books on paper, especially quality works of non-fiction, but maybe the days of the “pulp fiction” novels are numbered? Paper decays over time but a digital e-book can last – for ever!

The full list of paper books

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Why buy an eReader?

It may be stating the obvious but eReaders are designed specifically to make eBook reading easy on the eye.
Of course you can read eBooks on a tablet or even a smart phone by using an App, BUT long reading sessions (especially in difficult light conditions) can strain the eyes. eReaders are much nicer to use and better for your sight.
All inkBOOK devices support the Amazon Kindle App. You can read all your Amazon Kindle books on inkBOOK, but can also read books from other retailers too. inkBOOK is an android device that has all the benefits of an eReader. Have more choice with inkBOOK.

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