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411 AD The Britons: Part I
It is the early fifth century and the Romans have abandoned Britain to the barbarians. Now Picts creep down from [...]
A Gentleman's Game
War game for professionals or enthusiasts. A Gentleman’s Game can be played on many “levels”. Those who [...]
A Jumble of Stories
A Jumble of Stories by Katie Gray is a compilation of eight individual short stories for a variety of audiences. The [...]
A Life in Love
Poems which take you on the author’s journey as she explores love, loss and the “awakening” of a [...]
B’s Magical Adventures
It was fun to have just one book that was my own and to see my hard work pay off. But now there is a second book filled [...]
Bloom: Lydia Cole loves her very ordinary life. What she doesn’t like is change. With her chocolate box cottage and her [...]
Bobbin and the Magical Jigsaw
AUDIOBOOK EDITION COMING SOON “Nanny and Grandad read stories to me and this one begins with a Magical Tree. With fairies [...]
Cocktails at Noon
This book contains fifteen entertaining short stories across a range of subjects. The stories include an awkward dinner [...]
Contact Front! - Compendium
War games for all levels. ‘Contact Front!’ is a compendium of war games for all levels for beginner to [...]
Dancing in the Street
A story of street dance rivalry and a groups goal to win. Gus has had to work harder than most of his friends at school in [...]
Dead Against It
Dead Against It is the third book in Katie Gray’s ‘Dead Series‘. Pippsy and Jack Standage move home and [...]
Dead on Arrival
An enjoyable cosy crime novel. This is the first book in The Dead Series. Pippsy and Jack Standage are private investigators [...]
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