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The Solar Murder (ebook)
by Stan Daneman. An enjoyable crime novel about Greg Winters, an impressive lawyer, who plans to retire but is side tracked when a multi-millionaire is accused of murder.
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The Solar Murder

ISBN: 978-1-908941-36-7
ISBN (Printed): 978-1-908941-39-8
File Types: ePub, PDF
Formats: eBook, Kindle or Paperback
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“A gripping, well-crafted novel.”

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Greg Winters has never lost a murder case on behalf of his clients. Even for the most respected lawyer in California this is an impressive record. After his most recent success it is now time for Greg to retire. To retire to his cabin where his late wife rests in peace.

The drowning of Maxi Starr and the arrest of her multi millionaire husband put paid to Greg’s retirement plans.

Paxton and Maxi Starr had a public argument in front of their friends. What was said between them was blanketed out by the sliding doors onto the patio. Several hours later Maxi drowned in her bathtub. Was it murder or just a tragic accident after Maxi had too much to drink that night? Had Paxton planned for the housekeeper to be away at the time that his wife died?

In defending his client Greg Winters uncovers some unexpected pieces of information – how will this affect his planning for the trial?

Why was Greg so interested in finding the shawl that Maxi wore on the night that she died? Why did Maxi drink so much that particular night? And what did

Why did Greg develop such an interest in renewable energy?

How was Elizabeth involved in The Solar Murder?


Reader reviews and ratings:

“A murder seems to have been committed and ace defence lawyer Greg Winters, no doubt encouraged by the $1m his would-be client agrees to pay him, takes what he knows will be his last case before retirement. San Francisco-based Greg and his team do their research, present their case in court but, in the process, uncover much more than they had bargained for. Greg Winters’ last case proves to have more ramifications than anyone could have foreseen – least of all his client, the international construction company boss, Paxton Starr, and his intimate circle of friends.

This book explores relationships, especially what people will do, and the lengths to which they will go, out of love for each other. It’s also both a murder mystery (or two) and a book that offers insights into research techniques in the corporate world. It can intrigue as well as inform the reader as, inevitably, the pace of the action increases and the story reaches its climax.

Stan Daneman’s ‘The Solar Murder’ is his first crime novel. In matching action with an appeal to those preferring more cerebral stimulation, it caters for a wide range of tastes – and deserves a wide audience.”

Bob Little

"Excellent read - nice to get so close to the characters"

Harold D Calgary

"Excellent - gripping right to the end"

Bob H Tampa Fl

"Could not put it down - right up there with the best"

Kunal S Markham

"A very good read!"

Maurice D Johannesburg, South Africa

"Terrific read, stayed up until 5am to finish the book!"

Aubrey D Toronto

"Very enjoyable! A well-defined story and build-up. The book deserves a wide audience"

Chris V, Johannesburg, South Africa

"Could not put it down, wonderful ending"

Madelaine H Richmond Hill

"Surprising ending, very well written"

Molly G Richmond Hill

"I did not want the book to end!"

BD, Calgary

"Excellent book - I have started to re read it!"

AS, Richmond Hill ON

"I very much enjoyed the book"

FM Orilla, ON

"I absolutely loved it! Sensuality, suspense, intrigue, murder and love, a great read!"

MA, Atlanta, GE

"Excellent book! You built up the tension really well. Then the unexpected twists and turns! We never expected the ending!"

JH Sydney, Australia

"Excellent! - I very much enjoyed the book!"

ME, Richmond Hill ON

"Engaging characters, realistic plot and suspense right to the end!"

PD, Richmond Hill

"I really enjoyed the book and getting close to the characters. When will the movie be out?"

TS, Dauphin, Manitoba

"A very good book, kept me up late at night to finish it!"

US, Richmond Hill ON

"I very much enjoyed the book, Stan! Makes me wonder how your mind works ! Ha! I could not put the book down"

BS, Richmond Hill

“With the completion of his first fiction novel, Stan Daneman proves his skill and versatility as a writer. “The Solar Murder” will keep you captivated and breathless to the very last page, eagerly awaiting more from this talented author”


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The Endless Bookcase Books

Average rating:  

 5 reviews

by Simon on The Endless Bookcase Books
The Solar Murder

The human touch is evident as the plot unfolds with twists and surprises! An easy read that had me wondering which contextual colouring of events and relationships would unfold to reveal the ultimate truth!

by WA, Richmond Hill Ontario on The Endless Bookcase Books

"A wonderful story. Could not put it down."

by PA Cape Town, South Africa on The Endless Bookcase Books

I very much enjoyed reading The Solar Murder! Well done!

by jg on The Endless Bookcase Books
The Solar Murder

A gripping read right through to the end. On par with R H Hall.

by jo on The Endless Bookcase Books
The Solar Murder

A gripping read. One not to be missed , a mixture of twists and turns on every chapter Another R H Hall in the making.

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