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The Dead Series

The Dead SeriesKatie Gray’s ‘Dead’ Series consists of four exciting adventure crime novels, with star characters Pippsy and Jack.
‘Dead on Arrival’ is the first book in the series, it is available both as an e-book and as a paperback (printed).
‘Dead on Time’ is the second book in the series, it is available an ebook below.
‘Dead Against It’ is the third book in the series, available as an ebook below.
‘Dead Silence’ is the forth book in the series, available as an ebook below.

The Full Series

Dead on Arrival (ebook)
by Katie Gray. The first book in the ‘Dead Series’. An enjoyable crime novel that is exciting throughout. A dead man is found and two PI's get caught up in the case.
Price: £3.99
Dead on Time (ebook)
by Katie Gray. A thrilling crime novel, the second in Katie Grays 'Dead Series'. The investigators are back, hunting down the missing wife of a rather unpleasant man.
Price: £3.99
Dead Against It (ebook)
by Katie Gray. The third in the 'Dead Series'. Pippsy and Jack move home and business only to be immediately approached by siblings who believe their mother is in grave danger.
Price: £3.99
Dead Silence (ebook)
by Katie Gray. Pippsy and Jack get involved in trouble again in spite of themselves. The forth book in the Dead Series.
Price: £3.99

Other Crime Novels

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