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I Am Sound (ebook)
by Alex Redaelli Kenaton. The understanding of metaphysical and spiritual phenomena (Theosophy).
Price: £5.99

I Am Sound

ISBN: 978-1-912243-03-7
File Types: ePub, PDF
Formats: eBook, Kindle
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Spirituality, metaphysics and the esoteric.

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I AM SOUND is a book for curious people, for those who want to know more about spirituality, metaphysics and the esoteric without spending years studying in a monastery with a guru, or attending esoteric or mystery schools. It is equally a book for experts and enthusiasts of these above mentioned matters.

This book has a broad appeal and relevance because, in these challenging and transformative times, more and more people want to know more about these topics, with a clarity of understanding and expression. The author of this book is aware that nowadays there is a need for the language of metaphysics to become clearer and more simple in the expression of information, and because there is nothing to fear, it should also be amusing and entertaining. Today, modern science offers evidence of what spirituality has always told us: everything is connected, and we are all energetically interrelated.

The main message of I Am Sound is: I vibrate, I play a kind of music with my emotions throughout my entire life. This incidental background music produced by my feelings, literally influences everything around me, shaping what Quantum Physics calls ‘reality’. We are interconnected with everybody and everything, and this is basically the essence of spirituality.

I Am Sound is a warm, compassionate and open dialogue between the author Alex Redaelli Kenaton and an anonymous friend, starting from a path of simple curiosity, needing clarity on some science topics and philosophical issues, and ending with a new awareness of the self, and an understanding of some of the mysteries of the universe.

Throughout the book we become more aware and awake thanks to the replies and the exercises from the author, setting us off on the road of introspection and acquisition, an integration of information of the highest spiritual and scientific level.

The title “I Am Sound” echoes the “I AM” of the Count of Saint Germain, a fundamental pillar of mysticism and spiritual esoteric literature, but with the addition of ‘Sound’ it becomes: I am playing, I vibrate. Everything in the universe is a vibration. From what we have been taught by many sources, including the VEDAS precursors of all religions and philosophies, everything which vibrates and manifests is pure illusion. The author shares his life experiences by explaining how to abandon old paradigms and open up to the study and understanding of the metaphysical and transcendental in a new, easy way; a way that today can be enacted by all of us. In short, this is a book for everyone, for all those who desire to know, to receive clear, concise and revolutionary information from a scientific point of view, in simple terms. Many of the existing spiritual, esoteric and metaphysical disciplines are merging completely and holistically with other important parts of our lives. This book merges science and spirituality, things that until today have remained separate and antagonistic, and deals briefly, and yet with full awareness and experience, with many strong themes such as: Quantum Physics, Sacred Geometry, the power of the Heart, the perception of reality, energy, vibrations, emotions, meditation, crystals, water, Prana, the Mer Ka Ba, the holy and sacred sites, Yoga, shamanism, nature spirits, angels, spirit guides, the higher self, religions, physical death, sounds, numbers and colours, food, the elements and elementals, symbolism, relationships with others and with Mother Earth. Moreover, this book contains some of the best and most effective meditations and exercises coming from highest level of esoteric and spiritual schools. This book is written with love, and with the intention of sharing experiences and values ​​of the heart whilst trying to maintain a certain rational mental approach. The provocation of intuition, and the ability to incite inspiration is the aim of I Am Sound.

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