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How to Move House (ebook)
by Pamela Haswell. Whether you are buying, selling, renting, leaving or about to move out or move in, this will help you get through the move.
Price: £3.99

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How to Move House

ISBN: 978-1-908941-03-9
File Types: ePub, PDF
Formats: eBook or Kindle
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“This book is a must for anyone making a move.”

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Simple Tips, Tricks and Links for Anyone Moving House
By Pamela Hatswell, who has moved twenty-three times and even more if you count the moves she helped her family complete!

Whether you are buying, selling, renting, leaving home, or about to live out or live in, this will help you get through the move well.

This booklet includes guidance for students, first time home owners, moves abroad and just about any other move you can think of.

It’s full of everything – from things you’d never guess to common sense advice about all sorts of essential jobs you can so easily not think of until it’s too late. Plus, it has some very entertaining cartoons by David Banks.

Are you:

  • About to buy a home?
  • Leaving rented accommodation?
  • Selling your home?
  • Going to live abroad?
  • Moving into a new home near your family?
  • Moving into rented accommodation?
  • A student leaving home for university accommodation?
  • A student “living out” for the first time?
  • Leaving your home to move into warden-assisted accommodation or a care home?
  • Something else?

In all cases, this little guide might just help you get through a stressful occasion.


Reader reviews and ratings:

“I’ve had to do my own share of moves over the years and like most people learned what to do the hard way. This book is a must for anyone making a move.”

Ed Lincoln, publishing consultant

“This is just the kind of work we set up The Endless Bookcase for - someone like Pamela Hatswell with valuable experiences of dealing with one of life’s challenges sharing with others the lessons she’s learned. Although some of what it tells you may seem obvious and common sense, it’s surprising how often people miss such things until it’s too late."

Carl French, editor in chief, The Endless Bookcase

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How to Move House

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