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Go Slow to Grow (ebook)
by Jackie Jarvis. She writes about what many of us, living busy, fast paced lives feel, and what ‘The Voice of Slow’ has to say to you.
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Go Slow to Grow

ISBN: (EB) 978-1-912243-91-4
ISBN (Printed): (PB) 978-1-912243-90-7
File Types: ePub, PDF
Formats: eBook, Kindle or Paperback
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Gently calms you down, inspiring you to make changes to your life

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Busy business owner and coach, Jackie Jarvis, shares her personal journey with honesty and humour. Reaching a point in her life when she felt an urge to slow down and be truer to her heart’s desire, she found that the struggle with herself was the biggest challenge of all.

She writes about what many of us, living busy, fast paced lives feel. She touches on what deep down we all have the greatest longing for but at the same time are afraid to reach out for, and afraid to give ourselves permission to have.

If, like Jackie, you listen to ‘The Voice of Slow’ and what it has to say to you, you will become inspired to follow her path to slowing down, stressing less and enjoying life more.

Read slowly to appreciate the important messages here for you.

*This book is based on an earlier version titled ‘In Pursuit of Slow’.’In Pursuit of Slow’ was an Amazon Bestseller in the Top 50 Self Help category.


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Go Slow to Grow

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 1 reviews

by David Yeabsley on Go Slow to Grow
Go Slow To Grow

Slow down David, why are you always in a rush, at times I rush to get up and then to eat my breakfast and to get most things done during the day until believe it or not I rush to go to bed, ‘Slow down David’ I say to myself, I have been getting better, taking the time to enjoy the moment, I can now watch a film, stop on my cycles and enjoy the countryside, snooze on the train and turn my phone off in the evening, plus I try to eat slowly.

So why did I need the book ‘Go Slow to Grow’ by Jackie Jarvis, because it helped to reinforce my need to slow down in life and given my some more wonderful tips and ideas. I particularly like chapter three ‘ What are you in Pursuit Of’ what a great question and I loved chapter 11 ‘Listen to your music’ which I have already found my self using in conversation with others I love that phrase and idea.

Jackie gives loads of personal examples and is very open about her stories in her life how the concept of ‘ Go Slow to Grow’ has helped her immensely.

The whole book is a great indulgence in your self to have a really chat with yourself so you can get more comfortable with yourself, have better conversations with yourself, enjoy yourself more and grow by going slow so you focus on the really important bits YOU, Enjoy the book I certainly did.

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