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Becoming a Leader (ebook)
by Lesley Morrissey. Hands On Management: Managing Yourself Series Book Thirteen.
Price: £3.49
Price: £2.49

Becoming a Leader (kindle)
by Lesley Morrissey. Hands On Management: Managing Yourself Series Book Thirteen.
Price: £3.49
Price: £2.49
Becoming a Leader

Becoming a Leader

ISBN: 978-1-908941-87-9
File Types: ePub, PDF
Formats: eBook, Kindle
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Hands On Management: Managing Yourself Series Book Thirteen

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Being a good leader in the workplace can result in many benefits for you and your team. For example, your staff will be more proactive and less reactive, you will be more a part of the team yourself, you will become more visible in the organisation as a leader of a proactive team that gets results and your department’s outcomes will be better quality than before and with less effort.

Would you like to learn how to be a better leader? If so, this short booklet can help you learn how to improve your leadership skills. It is packed with clear as well as easy-to-understand advice.

This is the 13th booklet in the ‘Hands On Management: Managing Yourself’ series by author Lesley Morrissey; a human resources manager, management trainer and commercial copywriter.


The complete Managing Yourself series:
1. Secret of Success
2. Personal Organisation
3. Effective Delegation
4. Understanding Communication
5. Communicating for Results
6. Non-verbal Communication
7. Persuasion & Influence
8. Written Communication
9. Report Writing
10. Presentations with Impact
11. Decision Making
12. Contributing at Meetings
13. Becoming a Leader

The complete Managing People series:
1. Creating a Positive Environment
2. Getting Focused
3. Motivating Your Team
4. Coaching & Developing Staff
5. Developing an Effective Team
6. Recruitment Strategies
7. Interviewing for Recruitment
8. Appraisal Skills
9. Conducting & Managing Meetings
10. Negotiating Win-Win Outcomes
11. Planning Projects & Achieving Results
12. Succession Planning
13. The Role of the Boss

Find out more about Lesley by visting her authors page.

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Becoming a Leader

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