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A Short and Simple Book for the Why's (ebook)
by Gail Hugman. A short book for parents to read through with their children which addresses children’s natural tendency to ask 'why'.
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A Short and Simple Book for the Why’s

ISBN: 978-1-908941-52-7
File Types: ePub, PDF
Formats: eBook, Kindle
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Showing children how to develop their skills from their own natural curiosity.

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A book for the Why’s. It’s wonderful the way children are constantly asking ‘why?’ about the world, but it can be very exhausting for adults.

This book offers a way for teachers, parents and carers of primary aged children to improve the quality of life not only for themselves but more importantly for the children whose futures they are helping to build.

Why do we teach what we teach? What should we be teaching a developing child, about themselves and their future? Why do so many children disengage from school, lack confidence or have low self esteem?

‘A Short and Simple Book for the Why’s’ draws on 30 years teaching and life experience and puts in a nutshell the lessons, tips, reasons and activities that are helpful in encouraging children’s core development and causing them to excel, giving them a sense of purpose, satisfaction and responsibility. It is a useful reference for parents who want to protect their children’s enthusiasm for learning.

Author of this Book for the Why’s

Gail says: “My books draw on 30 years of teaching and life experience. It took me at least 15 years to understand how children work and think and then another 15 years to work out what they need at core to help them excel. Parents do not have this time advantage. As soon as a child is born, they have to ‘hit the ground running’ and many have told me they are dogged by doubt and worry about the way they are raising their children. My books hold the lessons, tips, reasons and activities that I have found helpful in encouraging children’s development and causing them to excel.

Visit Gail’s author page to read more.

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A Short and Simple Book for the Why's

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by Mike Lansdown on A Short and Simple Book for the Why's
Review of A Short and Simple Book for the Why’s by Gail Hugman

In her timely and welcome book Gail addresses some of the questions which parents and teachers have pondered since time immemorial : Why do we teach children the things we do? Why do so many disengage from school? Why do children challenge us with their behaviour?! Big questions with no simple solutions, to be sure, but Gail’s blend of wise words, encouraging observations and straightforward guidance- much of it set out in a series of linked prose-poems- is sure to appeal to children and adults alike who feel the need to move beyond drudgery of rote-learning and the endless tests to which we are now subjected.

Central to Gail’s theme is that we are all unique and that we are all learners at different stages on our journey to understanding. Children and young adults need our guidance and support in negotiating an increasingly complex and difficult path and the role of parents and teachers alike is to simplify and support them in their endeavours.

Ultimately, Gail’s message is one of hope and positivity in an area of life where this can often be in short supply.

Wise indeed.

Mike L.

BSc ,PGCE; MA (Retired head-teacher; University tutor; Achievement Coach)

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