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A Life in Love - An autobiography in poetry (ebook)
by Lesley Atkins. An anthology of poems which take you on a journey of love and loss.
Price: £3.20

A Life in Love - An autobiography in poetry (kindle)
by Lesley Atkins. An anthology of poems which take you on a journey of love and loss.
Price: £4.26
A Life in Love Poems

A Life in Love

ISBN: 978-1-908941-08-4
File Types: ePub, PDF
Formats: eBook or Kindle
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“This collection of poems is beautifully written, lyrical and soulful.”

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Poems which take you on the author’s journey as she explores love, loss and the “awakening” of a different understanding of life.

A Life in Love: An Autobiography in Poetry is a short anthology of poems. Author Lesley Atkins lives and works in Glasgow, Scotland. She has been writing poetry for thirty years and has been published in a number of journals and booklets.

Lesley has worked as a teacher of English for many years. Through this she has been active in both teaching and representing the rights of young asylum seeker people in schools. Working with refugee pupils taught her more about the value and enrichment of cultural diversity than any other professional experience. Currently, she is an education officer for international education. She works closely with the British Council in Scotland, linking Glasgow schools with schools across the globe. She is a great believer in the wisdom of Gandhi’s words about the necessity of our society to achieve: “Unity in diversity” is both the “beauty” and the “challenge” of our civilization.

Lesley has travelled widely, both through her work and in her personal life. Much of the inspiration for her poetry has come from thoughts and reflections on different cultures and the “east/west” split.

Love and its place in our personal and collective lives has been a central issue in her life. This has inspired her not only to write but to become politically active in the hope that together, through collective action, we can achieve the more just and compassionate society that has been the dream and hope of humanitarian people across the globe.

Author of ‘A Life in Love’ Poems

Visit Lesley’s Author Page.

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Reader reviews and ratings:

“A really beautiful collection! The poems have my thoughts flowing poetically, just going about life. I felt the camaraderie of the path of awakening, with new insights to go away and mull for myself. So much to think over and over from such a concise assembly of words!”

Sabrina Allison, chairperson, Lapidus Scotland
“How many of us get hung up about reaching THE destination rather than embracing the journey and in doing so finding the beauty of ourselves and others? 'A Different Road' was a wonderful reminder of this; I was really moved by it.

The anthology takes you on a spiritual journey touching your deepest emotions. Each poem offers a wonderful insight and food for thought. They have the power to move you. Collectively they build in power and offer the reader an opportunity to engage with the poet and learn about themselves. A great collection.”

Gina Gardiner, leadership development consultant and trainer
On "Crossing a Bridge":
“I was there on the night described and there was symbolism everywhere. We stopped and gazed in wonder, like children again, and then we too moved on. That moment has been captured perfectly in this poem.”

Helen Blair, retired teacher and art history student
“This collection of poems is beautifully written, lyrical and soulful. They are easy to read, yet there’s an immense depth in their simplicity. The theme of love runs throughout and warms the reader, returning them to the home of their heart. They prompt us to remember what’s really important in our lives and the connection we all share with the universe, which remains constant even when we forget. The poems act as a powerful reawakening of our true journey on earth and remind us that at the heart of everything lies love. Lesley is a wonderful poet whose poems are a gift to humanity.”

Sally Kirkman, astrologer and writer

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A Life in Love

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by Udit Kumar on A Life in Love
Loving, it's my way


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