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411 AD The Britons: Part I (ebook)
by J. Patrick McAteer. Set in the early fifth century, Britons struggle to defend their island against the barbarians. Britain needs a King...
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411 AD

ISBN: 978-1-908941-44-2
File Types: ePub, PDF
Formats: eBook or Kindle
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“A powerfully written story set in post-roman Britain.”

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It is the early fifth century and the Romans have abandoned Britain to the barbarians. Now Picts creep down from the highlands, Scotti sail across the emerald sea and the specter of Saxon invasion rises from the East. Amid these threats, the Britons struggle to defend their island home. To throw the barbarians back, Britain needs a King and with blood and betrayal, she will get one…

This enticing short story written by J.Patrick McAteer consists of three parts. This book is the first in The Britons series.

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J.Patrick McAteer has been an avid writer for much of his life. He holds a Bachelor of Arts and a Masters degree in English and Creative Writing from the University of Birmingham. His interest in history, politics and ancient warfare has drawn him to the historical fiction genre. As a result this has led him to create “The Britons”, an anthology of three short stories set in the aftermath of the Roman Empire abandoning Britain. He is also working on several other short stories in the fantasy genre and written online essays about books, films and video games on his blog. He is currently writing his first full length novel.

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Reader reviews and ratings:

"AD411 by J. Patrick McAteer is a powerfully written story and you are immediately taken with the hero into the world of post-roman Britain. The hero is not the most charismatic of people but you are drawn into following his story by the powerful portrayal. There are a few clues, not many, as to where this story is going to lead and it brings a different slant on some often told myths from Britain’s past."

Brian Stanley

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411 AD

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