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When you purchase an eBook from us you will receive it in two file formats to enable you to read it on your devices; a PDF and ePub. EPub eBooks can be read on most smartphones, tablets and eReaders (except for Kindle). Our Adobe Acrobat (PDF) eBooks can also be read on most computers, laptops and tablets.


You, Who You Are, and Why You Matter (ebook)
by Neil Deuchar This book explores how we should review our priorities in the increasingly hectic and fast changing, yet ever smaller, world in which we live. It has been written with younger people at heart, those of us asking questions about our place in the world and how we might better live our lives in a manner that minimises stress and helps us to be valued by our peers by helping others to help themselves. The book provides insights into sources of harmony within our lives, that we can use to maintain our moral compass and improve our decision-making. "You, Who You Are, and Why You Matter" is promoted by The CareAbout Foundation.
Price: £2.49
Gerald and the Magic of the Trees (ebook)
by Sara Shebear Gerald, a shy, introverted boy, had become separated from the rest of his family in Potterton Grange Enchanted Woodland. Wracked with worry that he might never see his family again and he might die in the wood all alone, his fears were dissolved after meeting a series of very magical trees and receiving a special gift from each of them.
Price: £2.49
Dead Scared (ebook)
by Katie Gray Pippsy and Jack fall into a convoluted crime once Again. A seemingly straightforward case soon becomes anything but. A wife who claims her husband has been kidnapped – or has he?   And is she as naive as she appears? Why is the husband making threatening noises at the pair? Who are the couple who claim to be investigators, if in fact they are? Pippsy and Jack have to team up with an acquaintance from a previous case. As usual, they need to use their wits more than once to keep ahead of the persons wishing them ill. This is the fifth book in Katie Gray's 'Dead Series'.
Price: £3.99
In Pursuit of Slow (ebook)
by Jackie Jarvis Busy business owner and coach, Jackie Jarvis, shares her personal journey In Pursuit of Slow with honesty and humour. Reaching a point in her life when she felt an urge to slow down and be truer to her heart’s desire, she found that the struggle with herself was the biggest challenge of all. She writes about what many of us, living busy, fast paced lives feel. She touches on what deep down we all have the greatest longing for but at the same time afraid to reach out for, afraid to give ourselves permission to have. As Jackie listens to ‘The Voice of Slow’ and what it has to say to her, you will be inspired to follow her path to slowing down, stressing less and enjoying life more. Read slowly to appreciate the important messages here for you.
Price: £4.95
My Little Book of Positivity (ebook)
by Jenny Ford. Inspirational messages to brighten your day.
Price: £2.49
by Julie New. How many roles will you play today? Parent, boss, taxi, shoulder-to-cry-on, cook, and bottle washer? When did you last take time to nurture yourself?
Price: £5.99

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