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Enlightened Leaders

Doing the right thing for people as well as for organisations

This is a key aspect of “Enlightened Leaders” by Penny Sophocleous.

Over the last 400 years, corporations and the people who lead them seem to have gradually forgotten that the ‘value to shareholders’ they are all ruthlessly chasing is actually delivered by human beings, for human beings and within communities of human beings – each and every one of whom are coded to operate with Truth, Respect, Trust, Justice and Integrity.

Penny Sophocleous highlights how to utilise the principles coded into the DNA of people that generate laws and rules common to all and which organisations ignore at their peril. The economic crisis and its far ranging negative impacts are a warning that the current business code makes corporations sick by their focus on only the bottom line. The book challenges leaders to realign their teams, their organisational structures, their suppliers and their relationships to the world in order to unleash peoples’ innate creativity, innovation and talent. Sustainable success into the future will rely upon these principles being understood and promoted by enlightened leaders.

Leaders get access to many questionnaires to help them get clear on the ethics and standards they need to create principle centred organisations, along with the processes and activities to embed for sustainable success. Case studies of several principle centred organisations provide real-world success stories and a wealth of detail that leaders will find extremely useful.

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