Any work that provides a history.

Edgar Evans - Extempore (ebook)
by Robert Little. A biography of Edgar Evans, the principal tenor at the Royal Opera (1946 – 1975) and, later, a teacher at the Royal College of Music.
Price: £4.14
From my Hilltop - A living history of South Africa (ebook)
by Stan Daneman. A descriptive history of South Africa narrated by Professor A. Marula – an old tree.
Price: £4.80
Seventy Years Before The Masts (ebook)
by Ron Sandell. A fascinating account of the role of the backroom engineers at the BBC. Scientific discoveries, communications and developments.
Price: £5.99
A Gentleman's Game (ebook)
by Rhys Little. War games for the professional and/or the enthusiast. Wide appeal and works at multiple levels. Instructive and fun.
Price: £3.20
Scaling the Dragon’s Back - The Great Wall Trek (ebook)
by Karen Patrick. A useful guide and fascinating account of a trek across the Great Wall. In aid of Dementia UK.
Price: £1.99
A Perspective on Pendley: A history of Pendley Manor (ebook)
by Bob Little. A descriptive ebook on the history of Pendley Manor. Also available in paperback.
Price: £3.20
411 AD The Britons: Part I (ebook)
by J. Patrick McAteer. Set in the early fifth century, Britons struggle to defend their island against the barbarians. Britain needs a King...
Price: £3.49


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