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Increase Your Heart Health Easily (ebook)
by Adam Shaw. Increase Your Heart Health with the Active Energy System, a synthesis of over twenty years of working in health and wellbeing.
Price: £6.99
The Key to Awareness 2nd Edition (ebook)
by Fiona Maguire. A step by step guide that will help you resolve stress, unhelpful thoughts, emotions and actions by becoming aware.
Price: £9.99
Special Offer: Coeliac Disease Combo (bundle)
by Gina Gardiner and Annie Kaszina. The perfect book combo for those diagnosed with Celiac Disease.
Price: £6.99
How to get off your sofa and start running 2nd Ed (ebook)
by Annie Page. A practical guide with all you need to know to get you running with the least amount of equipment and fuss!
Price: £3.99
The Lunatic Gene (ebook)
by Adam Shaw. The Lunatic Gene gets you to question the meaning, motivations and happiness of your life.
Price: £1.99


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