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Dead on Arrival (ebook)
by Katie Gray. The first book in the ‘Dead Series’. An enjoyable crime novel that is exciting throughout. A dead man is found and two PI's get caught up in the case.
Price: £3.99
The Solar Murder (ebook)
by Stan Daneman. An enjoyable crime novel about Greg Winters, an impressive lawyer, who plans to retire but is side tracked when a multi-millionaire is accused of murder.
Price: £3.99
Shareholder Agreements: the 30 minute guide (ebook)
by David Hughes. A short guide on how to bulletproof your company with an effective shareholder agreement.
Price: £4.99
Chariots On Fire - Second Edition (ebook)
by Gina Gardiner. The WINNING FORMULA FOR HAPPINESS AND SUCCESS. Includes a combination of gripping autobiographical accounts combined with powerful practical advice.
Price: £3.99
100 things to learn before you're 10 (ebook)
by Gail Hugman. 100 things to teach your child before they're 10 years old, with suggestions on how!
Price: £5.99
How to get off your sofa and start running 2nd Ed (ebook)
by Annie Page. A practical guide with all you need to know to get you running with the least amount of equipment and fuss!
Price: £1.99


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