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Berhane, the Peace Messenger
Berhane Woldegabriel was an Eritrean refugee who settled in the UK for the last thirty years of his life. He became [...]
Bessie Quinn Survivor Spirit
Bessie Quinn was an early 20th century New Woman, a mother living her love story in the enchanted world of the [...]
If you work in a boarding school – it’s more than ‘just a job’, but is boarding part of your [...]
Bob’s Exploratory Theological Adventures
As the book’s sub-title suggests, each essay in this collection contains non-prescriptive insights. The essays are [...]
The Buy-Refurb-Refinance hardback is also available on Kindle. So, what exactly are Ninja tactics? They’re [...]
Change the game: Share the work
Business can be an engine for creating personal freedom as well as wealth, but for many successful small business owners [...]
Chariots On Fire - Second Edition
Second Edition. This book is a combination of gripping autobiographical accounts of tough circumstances combined with [...]
Communicating for Results
A set of management books by Lesley Morrissey, a human resources manager, management trainer and commercial copywriter. The [...]
Contributing at Meetings
This short booklet helps individuals with contributing at meetings. This is the 12th booklet in the ‘Hands On Management: [...]
Curse of that Lottery Ticket
If he had been born a cat, Zdenko Ornig wouold have used up eight of his nine lives already. From the day his father [...]
Decision Making
We all make decisions every day – shall I get up when the alarm goes off, or stay in bed another 10 minutes; do I want cereal [...]
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