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Dead Against It
Dead Against It is the third book in Katie Gray’s ‘Dead Series‘. Pippsy and Jack Standage move [...]
Dead on Arrival
An enjoyable cosy crime novel. This is the first book in The Dead Series. Pippsy and Jack Standage are private [...]
Dead on Time
This is the second crime novel in ‘The Dead Series‘. A follow on from her book; ‘Dead on [...]
Dead Scared
Pippsy and Jack fall into a convoluted crime once again. A seemingly straightforward case soon becomes anything but. A [...]
Dead Silence
This is the fourth book in The Dead Series. Pippsy and Jack get involved in trouble again in spite of themselves. While [...]
Death Comes to Hellham Creek and Other Stories
This collection of stories are wide ranging and broad based tales on many subjects. Some visit foreign countries and [...]
Phoenix Rising
Elizabeth McKenzie gave up her position as a top-level personal assistant at a law firm in San Francisco, and moved to a [...]
Some Trouble Investing in Wine
Andre a successful Wealth Educator is deciding whether to add wine investing to his portfolio. A wine salesman who visits [...]
The Solar Murder
Greg Winters has never lost a murder case on behalf of his clients. Even for the most respected lawyer in California this [...]
Twenty Years
This is a story set in America in the late 1960’s early 1970’s with racial tension still apparent. The story centers around [...]