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B’s Magical Adventures
It was fun to have just one book that was my own and to see my hard work pay off. But now there is a second book [...]
Bobbin and the Magical Dragon
“Bobbin the Elf goes off to explore, when he visits Folkland through the fireplace door. One day, with his friend, [...]
Bobbin and the Magical Jigsaw
“Nanny and Grandad read stories to me and this one begins with a Magical Tree. With fairies and elves and Erin, who’s [...]
Dodgy Dog, Clever Camel, Bonny Bumblebee And Other Rhymes
A collection of poems aimed at children up to ten. Read your child this book of poems and enjoy helping progress your [...]
Eddie and the Last Dodo On Earth
2021 RELEASE – second book in Eddie series Eddie the dinosaur goes on another adventure. Will he find what he is [...]
Eddie and the Magic Healing Stone
‘Larry dashed through the Desolate Desert. He meandered through the Menacing Maze. He flashed through the Flowering [...]
Gertie Goose
*All of the authors royalties will go to the Red Cross Ukraine appeal. Gertie is a prime example of a goose who thinks [...]
Gladys the Dragon - Individual Book Order
Purchase any book in the series: [...]
Gladys the Dragon - The Complete Series
£1 for all six books in the series (or you can purchase individual copies): [...]
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