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100 things to learn before you're 10
‘100 Things to Learn before you’re 10’ is a parenting book. Drawing on 40 years teaching experience, it explains [...]
Bob’s Exploratory Theological Adventures
As the book’s sub-title suggests, each essay in this collection contains non-prescriptive insights. The essays are [...]
Bobbin and the Magical Jigsaw
“Nanny and Grandad read stories to me and this one begins with a Magical Tree. With fairies and elves and Erin, who’s [...]
Go Slow to Grow
Are you always too busy to do the things you really want to do? Do you find yourself unable to take your foot off the [...]
Hope is Daffodil Bright
In 1945 Jean Barnet put her war in a box – all her memories, achievements, and heartache. She hoped it would stay [...]
How to write a successful how-to booklet
This booklet will tell you all you need to know on how to make a how-to booklet. This small booklet is written with the [...]
I Am Sound 2nd Edition
This book includes meditations that can help to reduce stress and anxiety. Would you like to know the secret to a [...]
How do you set your own mood? If you are a team leader, a team captain, or a team coach, you also set the team mood. Do [...]
My Little Book of Helpfulness
Relieve stress and anxiety! Quick, easy and simple techniques to help you navigate through the stresses and strains of [...]
Risk and Your Supply Chain:
In 2020, the world experienced what many supply chain and procurement professionals dubbed “the most significant disruptive [...]
The Democracy Myth
Most citizens are well aware that the world is run rather badly by those in power – the politicians – who are in many cases [...]
The Humptons
The Humptons is an entertaining tale of the inhabitants of two rival villages. It follows the lives of a number of the village [...]
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