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Betina Andersen

Betina Andersen is a young entrepreneur. While studying midwifery at the University of Hertfordshire she came up with an idea for a new medical device. She started developing and patenting her product, Fetofit, whilst still studying for her degree part time. In 2011 she won the University’s “flare Business of the Year” award. Shortly after winning she licensed her patent to a medical device manufacturer in the UK and went on to sell all rights to her product as well as Fetofit Ltd to Pelican Feminine Healthcare in 2012. They launched the product in July 2013 and it is now for sale on their site

Betina has featured in Entrepreneur Country magazine and in 2012 was nominated for the magazine’s Young Masters Award.

Her journey as an inventor and entrepreneur inspired her to write a book for start-up inventors. She is passionate about helping others to achieve their dreams of entrepreneurship and has given several talks on the subject.

Betina is currently working on setting up her own label with a business partner and has several other business ventures in the pipeline. The ability to continually adjust, adapt and redefine oneself is what makes for a good entrepreneur and is an ability which Betina continues to practise.

Betina’s Book

Betina’s book – a must for the first-time inventor

Following her remarkable success with her own invention, Betina wanted to share what she had learned to help others. The result was her book How to Turn Your Idea Into a Success Story.

If you are a first-time inventor the book is essential reading. The book was written to give you plenty of “hands on” advice on how to develop and profit from your invention. It will provide you with the information you need to get started and to keep moving in the development process. So many potentially successful inventors give up or get bogged down, but Betina’s book will motivate you and get you into the right frame of mind, which is one of the essential ingredients of a successful inventor.

This book is for you if you are just starting out as an inventor, or if you are already successfully developing an invention but need a bit of extra help and motivation. It will provide you with a complete overview of the steps you need to take in order to turn your idea into a success story.

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