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Annie Kaszina

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Teacher, writer and coach Annie Kaszina is passionate about creating food that coaxes maximum flavour out of every ingredient.

Food preparation has been a constant interest for Annie, through the years and the different career directions.

It all started when her formidable Auntie Bessie caught the nine-year-old Annie playing in the garden one balmy summer morning and told her mother that “the child should be set to work”. “The child” duly was, and, despite frequent early mishaps, Annie discovered a lifelong love of baking.

Later, other branches of cooking provided intellectual stimulation and an outlet for Annie’s creativity – as well as an endless supply of new and delicious experiences at the end of the day. A PhD in Italian literature coincided with research into bread making.

During her daughter’s early years Annie worked part time as an outside caterer – with a particular interest in all things chocolate. So much so that she and her daughter became known for miles around as “Mrs – and Little Miss – Chocolate”.

When she moved from catering into the Alexander Technique Annie publicly confessed that chocolate was not her flavour and vowed to hang up her oven gloves. But she never quite managed to do it. Friends and family still clamoured for her chocolate cakes and desserts and she could never resist the lure of a new area of cooking for long. (Some women can’t resist the latest fashion “must have”; Annie can’t resist exploring the next culinary trend.)

When not in the kitchen, Annie is a women’s relationship coach who helps women throughout the English-speaking world to live fully, love well, and laugh wholeheartedly. She is the author of the groundbreaking The Woman you Want to Be – specifically designed for women who want to rebuild their lives in the wake of emotionally abusive relationships – and How to Stop Waiting For A Jerk To Love You Back. Passionate about helping women to have wonderful lives, she is currently hard at work on another book about how to create great relationships, from day one on.

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Annie currently lives in leafy Hertfordshire with her partner, and Basil the Shih Tzu, who fondly imagines he has taught her all she knows … about food, life, the universe, and everything!

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