The Endless Bookcase
Sharing Experiences and Expertise
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Charlotte  Ralph
Hi, my name is Charlotte Ralph. I am 28 years old and a mother of 3 children, I’m also currently studying for a business [...]
Christine  Hands
“I grew up in Meopham just outside Gravesend in Kent. I went to Meopham School and then on to Hadlow College. I’ve [...]
Corneille  Noeli
“I draw and write children’s story boards using a variety of art & design tools such as water colours, highlighters, [...]
David  Hughes
Description of myself: I am a company lawyer. But I try hard not to be a typical one. Or at least, to be a modern one. I tweet, [...]
David  Yeabsley
David Yeabsley left school at 16 years old. His teachers never said about him, “He could try harder”. He did try hard, very hard [...]
Andrew  Parsons
Andrew initially trained as a Pharmacologist and Neuroscientist. Working predominantly in Industry he has over 90 peer reviewed [...]
Barbara  Mariposa
Barbara is a medical doctor, thought leader and educator in the fields of leadership, performance and wellness, for organisations [...]
Elaine  Spencer
Elaine Spencer by profession is a Health and Social Care Assessor and Trainer. She is also in her first year of a counselling [...]
Fiona  Maguire
Fiona Maguire is a life coach who works with people’s energy fields, intuition and awareness. She is passionate about helping people [...]
Frederick  Freeman
Frederick Freeman is the author’s pen name and it is used to protect his identity for very legitimate reasons. Only the publisher’s [...]
Gabriella  Guglielminotti Trivel
Gabriella is also known as “The Flying Witch” due to her wit and her passion for flying. She is an Italian linguist who started working [...]
Gail  Hugman
“My books draw on 30 years of teaching and life experience. It took me at least 15 years to understand how children work and think [...]
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