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You can concentrate on the writing and we take care of the rest, also guiding you as and when you need it.

This is what we cover:

  • Preparation
  • Production
  • Publication
  • Promotion
  • Sales

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Whatever the device on which you wish to read one of our books (e-book reader, PC, tablet or phone), you always get a suitable file from us. We keep it simple by supplying a bundle of files in a single download so you can just use the ones you need on whichever devices you have. You pay a single one-off fee for that and have a licence for your personal use.

If you haven’t yet written a book but would like to

Could you write a “how to” e-booklet on a specialist topic such as some aspect of your expertise, or a pastime, interest or sport you are involved with? You might be surprised how much interest there could be. There are billions of people searching on the internet for answers to all kinds of specialist questions.

Alternatively, is there something special about an experience you have had that you’d like to share? Or maybe you have a close friend or relative who has done something worth writing about. Again, what might seem of minority interest could add up to a lot of readers worldwide.

Have you already written a booklet that you could publish?

Booklets make great e-books. They can be sold at low prices that make them very affordable to anyone who is interested, and by using the internet to promote them you can get to a wide audience. Even a niche
topic can sell well.

Did you know ?

e-book sales numbers now rival conventional paper book sales numbers. This is a massive market and an opportunity for anyone who would like to share expertise or experience.