Perspectives on learning technologies CLI

Perspectives on Learning Technologies

by Bob Little

ISBN: 978-1-908941-06-0
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“The book provides learning and development professionals with ready-to-use step-by-step instructions applicable to their everyday challenges.”

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This book contains observations on issues in learning technologies, principally for learning and development professionals.

Perspectives on Learning Technologies is by Bob Little, who is acknowledged internationally as a respected writer and commentator on learning technologies – especially corporate e-learning.

Bob says: “Buy a book about learning technologies – especially ‘e-learning’ or ‘online learning’ – and it’ll be out of date almost before you get to chapter two. That’s because there’s a real temptation for authors (and, to be fair, for readers) to concentrate on the ‘technology’ and the ‘learning delivery’ rather than the learning itself. With the possible exception of the ‘Systems’ section, this book hopes to redress the balance somewhat – while still being about learning technologies as well as learning. In the process, I hope that this learning technologies book doesn’t become out of date.”

This book distils the wisdom – along with a touch of wit – gathered from some twenty years of discussion and discovery within the learning technologies industry, particularly as it relates to the corporate learning world.

The aim of this book is to set out – as concisely as possible – a wealth of well-thought-out views, often corroborated by rigorous research. These can be taken at face value and used as shortcuts to help you in the planning, practice and politics of ‘learning and development’ (L&D) in your organisation. Or they can be used as seeds and short cuts for your own thoughts and theories – so you’ll be able to achieve more with less in a shorter time and all the other things that L&D professionals are supposed to do.

It’s comprehensive

Over 200 pages of comment, commentary and explanation. A real treasure trove of what learning technologies are all about.


Reader reviews and ratings:

“Among the plethora of books on the subject of technology-based learning, this e-book takes a different line to all the others. You can have the ‘how to do it’ and the corporate experiences of how others have done it. Then there’s the technical or the organisational development approach. There are also ones for learning and development professionals and even e-learning professionals, but Bob Little has decided to go his own way.

This vade mecum is an exhaustive collection of relatively short passages which cover every facet of learning using technology. Although there are plenty of books on all the subjects addressed here, the style of writing and the easy, non-demanding scale of it all makes this not one to read from first page to last but to dip into when needed. It is, in short, a counterpart to technology-based learning itself – just in time and just in need.

Highly recommended.”

Vaughan Waller, e-learning practitioner in the corporate world and a well-known writer and commentator on learning technologies

“In this e-book, Bob Little has shared his invaluable lifetime experience. It provides learning and development professionals with ready-to-use step-by-step instructions applicable to their everyday challenges. The book is an excellent intersection of theory and current practice. From a personal point of view, I value highly the comprehensive sets of precisely formulated questions, which help me to deal with numerous methodological, technical and strategic issues in learning. This book is a ‘must’ for every learning and development professional!”

Dr Ladislava Knihová, prominent learning technologist based in Prague in the Czech Republic

“Bob has been in the industry long enough to separate hype from reality and has put his experience to good use here. Perspectives on Learning Technologies provides information on, and insight into, a huge range of factors involved in using learning technologies, making this a valuable reference.”

Donald H Taylor, chairman, Learning and Skills Group

Perspectives on Learning Technologies distils Bob Little’s wealth of experience gained from over twenty years of involvement in corporate learning. The book covers a gamut of key concepts, from instructional design and motivation to communities of practice and mobile learning, with a ship-load in between.

Little uses an easy-to-read language to explain major theories and models with an eye on practical application. The structure and e-format of the book allow the reader to dip in and out at their convenience, while catering to those who want to read it from cover to cover.

Those new to the world of corporate learning will find Little’s work indispensable in getting up to speed on the big issues, while those who have been in the industry for years will find the book a handy refresher — no doubt learning something new along the way. This e-book isn’t just about bits and bytes; it’s about learning in the modern era.”

Ryan Tracey, practising e-learning manager, Sydney, Australia, and a member of the advisory board of the USA’s eLearn magazine.

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